Monday, February 13, 2012

What does Lean success look like? Part 1: Lean Life Insurance

Think of Lean as Life Insurance for your business. The only way I know we have been successful in our "lean journey" is if we are able to make money and not lose any people when the economy tanks. If your team is making steady, sustainable improvements throughout your business, "game time" is when a year like 2008 hits! The entire company has a sense of ownership, people look forward to going to work, turnover is a non-existent, and stress is "load leveled" throughout the company. Bodies are not thrown at increases in demand, so team members are making better and better money. This was reflected in my company by the average age of the cars in the parking lot! I love seeing more and more new or near-new vehicles! Follow the principles of P4 and your ship will head quickly in the right direction. I intend to disclose what P4 means in this blog. It is yours for the taking. Enjoy!  

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