Monday, March 19, 2012

The 3rd P: The Right Process will produce the Right Result and VICE VERSA

We've discussed the first two Ps over the last few blogs:
#1. Philosophy or Purpose- Why are you in business?  Figure that out, make sure it has to do with helping people and not merely money. If you help, money comes!
#2. Develop your People and Partners- The best investment you can make is in the people you have hired. Build leaders everywhere in your organization by striving to becoming a LEArNing Organization.

Today, we'll look at P#3, which is a pretty fun one-"The Right Process will Produce the Right Result". This has got to be a core belief in your organization. Conversely, the wrong process will produce the wrong result! This core belief removes all "finger management" in your business. Finger management is the finger pointing and blame placing that typically occurs when something goes wrong. Instead of the "5 Why", people practice the "5 Who". This has always seemed ironic to me, because very seldom is it that the people DOING the work are the people who CREATED the process. They're usually stuck doing someone's "wrong" process!

This P is where we have some fun playing with our Lean tools. As you know, Lean is nothing more than time management. The tools help us SEE and remove time from our processes. The time we will be removing will be in the form of 8 wastes, Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-used people, Transport, Inventory, Motion, and Excess Processing.  Remember nirvana for us is to receive an order, and watch it move through the entire enterprise at the perfect pace (pull) and to the customer without stopping (flow).  Sort of an assembly line. These 8 wastes keep us from nirvana. Unfortunately 90% of all processes are infected with some of the 8 wastes. And, other than the lowest hanging fruit, they are invisible. WE know they're invisible, because they happen every day, every shift. Our Lean tools are what help us see them.

Much of what we talk about in P3 is great curriculum in out LEArNing organization (see the blogs for P2). 

Next up: What I learned NOT to do with the Tools (falls under Respect for People)

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