Thursday, March 15, 2012

CONNSTEP CMC Roundtable Event - March 15, 2012

Bill spoke at the CONNSTEP Connecticut Manufacturing Coalition Roundtable Event yesterday on the topic of LEAN as a Business Strategy vs. a Department. There were 20 people present at the Roundtable and a few live tweets were posted during Bill's presentation. Here is a photo that was posted to Twitter yesterday during Bill's talk!

"Operational excellence (LEAN) causes market disruption. If it doesn't, your not doing it right!" -Bill Greider
"Trust your employees and the trust will be returned..." -Bill Greider on Leadership

Full Video of Bill's Presentation: Lean as a Business 
Strategy vs. a Department

We apologize you can not clearly see the slides in the presentation, if you wish to view the slides at any point please contact P4

We would like to thank CONNSTEP for having Bill speak at the Roundtable and those who attended! Additionally, if you are interested in having Bill speak at an event please contact P4 directly via email, phone or Twitter.


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