Thursday, September 12, 2013

An A3 Boot Camp?

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but one thing I've learned for sure is the fact that LEAN is a team sport. Think of it as a set of concepts that make sense in theory, but are really hard to implement as a business strategy. The thing is, it is NOT a one size fits all. Your game plan has to fit your company culture. If you have slow players who can't catch, don't throw the ball 60 times per game. The game plan is quite a bit easier to put together with the help of people who have been successful doing it. The absolute best coaches in every sport learn from each other. They go to coaching camps and clinics. They pick each other's brains.

When I developed the lean strategy for my own company, I had lots of help. CONNSTEP and the people I was certified with for starters. People like Michael Balle, the co-author of The Gold Mine, had a huge impact on my thinking. As did Orie Fiume, formerly of Wire Mold, Paul Murphy (Director of Operations at ECA) and Dr. Sami Bahri, the Lean Dentist. My annual pilgrimage to the Lean Enterprise meeting was huge, where I got to hear how companies like Grainger and Starbucks were interpreting and implementing lean. I learned that no two lean journeys were alike, you learn by doing, and you need to be persistent.

Lean is way too hard to sustain alone. So, we (Lance Boynton, Rosemary Bergeron & I) present to you a completely different type of lean "workshop",  the Spring 2016 Coaching Lean A3 Boot Camp

Scheduled for June 7th, our intention is to spend a full day teaching and demonstrating a completely different methodology for establishing a culture of continuous continuous improvement, specifically A3 to gain consensus and leverage diversity. This will be accomplished using a competitive simulation as well as dozens of examples of real A3 projects done in real good companies. In addition, attendees will be asked to bring with them two potential projects from their own companies to develop as their "starter set" of A3s.  All of the hard and soft skills to coach this process will be explained and demonstrated, as well as the behind the scenes administrative infrastructure.

There will be one month of follow-up as well as an on-site visit. We are determined to make sure that participants are fully prepared to use temporary, self-directed work teams as a stand alone new lean process or as a supplement to their own lean strategy. 

The ROI for the $395 will probably be a week or two later when the first A3 projects close!!

For more information and how to register, simply click on the light bulb in the picture above.

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