Thursday, November 21, 2013

Special Guest & Real LEAN Champion John Stonesifer: Passion Fuels Your Journey

Anyone that thinks Lean is easy, has never been part of a successful Lean journey.  Lean is a business strategy where the old saying, “the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out” truly applies.

One of the things I find lacking in many Lean initiatives is “Passion”.  To be successful in a Lean initiative, someone has to get the “fever”.  That someone must outwardly display passion for the program.  Not just one Monday, not just this week, not just last or next month, but every single day of the journey.

Think for a moment about some of the successes in your own lives.  What was the underlying success factor?  Was it the financing to start your business?  Was it a couple of key initial customers that got you through the early days?  Was it a great store front location? Or maybe it was your incredible knowledge of the market or the product or competition?  Although all important, I doubt any of those things are what made that business or project succeed.  I say it was the commitment and passion first and foremost that you put into the project.  If you don’t come to the game passionate about the team and the project nether will anyone else. 

A Lean leader’s standard work changes drastically when on a Lean journey.  I think possibly the most important part of the change is the need to be passionate about what you do every minute, everyday.  Have you ever seen someone passionate about something who wasn’t totally enjoying what they did?

When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.” (Author unknown)

John Stonesifer is the Continuous Improvement Manager at Dymax Corporation (Torrington, CT), identified for the 7th year in a row as one of the fastest growing privately owned companies in the United States by INC Magazine. John was the July P4 Lean Champion of the Month, and is simply, passionate.

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