Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Absolute Best Holiday Ever Invented

1994 Thanksgiving I'm the bearded guy on the right
Christmas without the hassle. Turkey Day. As I age, I become more and more excited about the prospect of the greatest holiday ever invented.....Thanksgiving.

I know at some point, the holiday was about some people in the 1600s sitting down together and eating turkey or something like that. John Smith and his family did the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc., and Pocohantas and her family brought the pumpkin pies and wine.

I get all of that, and it is a great story. But look at what it has evolved into! I usually wake up, go have breakfast with some fellow football officials. Then I go referee a high school football rivalry (a big deal here in New England). After the game, I head home and watch a few series of the Detroit Lions versus whomever, then sit down with my incredible family for a smorgasbord. Keep in mind the Lions are still on TV in the background. We all give thanks for each other and for our life in general. Once dinner is over, back to the Lion's game. By this time the tryptophan kicks in, and combined with the fresh cold air from the morning football game, it's nappy time. I don't think I've ever seen the end of the Lion's game in 57 years. 

When I come to, usually it's the Cowboys against someone, and then after that another NFL game along with a few college games. West coast games on ESPNU can bring me right up to bed time. 

What an incredible holiday. No getting dressed up. No church. No shopping, no lights, no cards, I can go on and on. Just the 4 Fs. Family, Football, Food and Fun. 

And sheer, unadulterated gratitude. In addition to my family, I think about how incredibly indebted I am to the people in my life who trust me to do what I love for the other 364 days.....my clients. Now I've only been a lean consultant for going on 7 years, but I can honestly say they have been the happiest 7 years of my professional life!! I have learned more and met more people I care about and respect than in the first 3 decades of my career. Throw in teaching college students lean one semester per year and the friendships I have made there, and you are looking at one thankful hombre. 

Think about how many times your boss thanks you for what you do. Think about how often you thank the people whose development you are responsible for. It is said that there just doesn't seem to be enough gratitude expressed in business today.

THANK YOU so much for reading my drivel and for your comments, criticism, friendship and loyalty.

And happy Football Day!!


  1. Thank you Bill for giving me a post every morning to start my day. It always helps me get in the right mindset.

  2. William, thank you SO MUCH for reading it....I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend

  3. Thanks for what you do. It makes our holidays even better knowing we are our the right track. Go Lions