Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why Consider the Winter 2017 P4 A3 Bootcamp?

LEAN, TPS, Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, whatever you want to call it, is way too hard to do in a vacuum. I've described the "lean journey (sounds joyful, right?!)" as the GREEN MILE or fondly, as the trip through HELL. On a scale from 1-10, a LEAN culture is a 58. BUT, "if you expect RESULTS others don't get, you need to be willing to DO things others won't  do!!!"

My first "implementation (sounds orderly, doesn't it?)" was in my own company, a 90 person little company in East Hartford, CT. What looked logical and fun on paper and on PowerPoints during my certification started strong, turned into root canal surgery, then proceeded 2 steps forward, 1 back, then 5 forward, 1 back, until it became part of who we were. Scrapping the whole idea might have crossed my mind (and my poor wife's) a few times. Then it all clicked. The people on board outnumbered the doubters, respect for people replaced kaizen events, the corporate university got rolling. Then, and only then, wee we able to almost double sales with the same human resources. Then, and only then, were we named one of the best paces to work in Connecticut (5 times).

Partway through my "trip", I started to go and see other companies. Other companies came to visit us. I also started to go to lean events on a fairly regular basis. One that comes to mind was the International Lean Enterprise Institute Summit. Some expensive, some cheap. Some local, some far away.

The beauty of all this was the realization that we were exactly where we should be. I started to bring others along. We learned we did some things better, and some things worse than others. I got to see how other people were interpreting and implementing the same maddeningly simple concepts of the Toyota Production System. How did other people demonstrate respect for people? How did they actually DO kaizen? What obstacles did they have to work through? How do you do LEAN when everyone is crazy busy?

With that in mind, I would like to invite you to our P4 Winter 2017 A3 Boot Camp. It is a long day spent with other LEAN Zealots, as well as a few people just getting started on their trip through hell. When I started the Boot Camps, my intention was to try and help others avoid some of the hurdles (mostly people change management issues) that we all encounter. The cost is $370, and to register, just click on the snowman above!

Plus, as a BONUS, you get a nice continental breakfast and a yummy lunch in a nice hotel (see the picture I took today above), you'll make some new allies as you move forward on your journey, and you get to spend the day with me (yippy doo). Hands on and gloves off.

Expect a few laughs. Although it is hard, it shouldn't be glum!

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