Sunday, April 2, 2017

P4 LEAN Bootcamp: Six Sigma for Kids, No Belts Required: 4 Good Reasons to Show Up!

You may want to consider taking a day off from work to attend our "boot camp" coming up on May 9th in Cromwell, CT. Let me give you 4 good reasons.

1. Meet some really smart people from other companies who are on their own "lean journey" (Green Mile). During my own first lean journey, it was always so refreshing to learn that others were suffering as much as I was. I always made it a point to go and see other companies and what they were doing once per quarter. Then they would come see me. It made me realize at times that we had miles to go, but I also saw that in some cases, we were miles ahead! Shaping your own lean strategy (based on your unique culture) is VERY difficult to do in a vacuum. Come network, meet some new friends, and then go and see each other's GEMBAs!
2. It doesn't take a genius to confuse others. The real genius is making the complicated so simple even I can understand it! At this boot camp, we'll focus on Six Sigma tools. Whether you've never heard of it or hold a black belt,  we're convinced that of the dozens of Six Sigma tools, there are 6-8 that you might find extremely useful when you're stuck. Our Boot Camp leader, Lance Boynton, likens this to Batman's utility belt. Batman seems to have a handful of tools he uses all the time. His "go tos". The Batarang and Batrope immediately come to mind. I've seen the Caped Crusader use smoke pellets and the Batlaser several times. He also carries glue gobules and a remote claw, but I can't remember the last time he ever used them!  Expect to learn some "go-tos" by firing a catapult around the room.
3. Don't be afraid to have some fun. I get it. Lean & Six Sigma is serious business. Gaining agreement, getting buy-in & changing hearts and minds can sometimes feel like banging one's head on a concrete wall. That is exactly why we'll be firing catapults and using a handful of tools and not engineering cross-media deliverables, recontextualizing cross-media convergence or morphing open-source ROI. Dress comfortably and prepare to enjoy yourself!
4. Come expecting to eat well. A hardy continental breakfast and a healthy (or in-healthy) lunch. And cookies. Plenty of cookies.

So, network, simplify, fun & cookies......if those aren't 4 good compelling reasons, I don't know what are. Sign-up is easy, just click on the pink Boot Camp banner above!

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